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The only Travel water bottle you will ever need![2017/3/30]
This new water bottlle have a sturdy easily cleanable, travel bottle that folds down into a compact bundle, taking no room in a backpack, as it fits rolled up into the mesh side pocket, which can be securely cinched shut to assure it won't accidentally fall out, which also makes it a breeze to transportation thru security....
Spring is coming[2017/3/8]
Last week, the weather was fine, we went hiking.Peach blossom are blooming, it's very beautiful. Many flowers are blooming, I felt the slightest breath of spring. I see many people use the disposable water bottles. Chinese people get used it, because it's very convenient, but i think that is not environmentally friendly. Yes, I took our new silicone water bottle go hiking, which could be used again and again, it's convenient and green. You can choose the size which you like. We have 1000ml, 750ml, 550ml, 500ml and 320ml water bottles for your choice....
New color silicone water bottle[2016/6/14]
This silicone water bottle is your perfect fit for any trip, whether its the beach, the mountain, the office or anywhere. Its vibrant color means that this BPA free silicone water bottle looks good in the summer. Its handy clip on attachment lets you take it everywhere you go!...
750ml large capacity silicone water bottle[2016/6/13]
Last week we had the Dragon Boat Festival, I watch dragon boat races to carry our silicone water bottle. The weather is so hot, thanks to the silicone water bottle which can hold 750 ml of water, so I'm not thirsty. This water bottle is really very convenient....
silicone water bottle is best choice for travelers[2016/6/3]
I love to go to travel during the summer months and have looked for ways to bring a silicone water bottle that is easily packable and environmentally friendly. These bottles fit that bill. Made of flexible silicone they roll up to easily fit in my carry on, which is all I allow myself to take on trips They hold 750ml of water, which is just the right amount of water to take with me on hikes. I found the cap to not leak at all, which is great. I think this silicone water bottle is my best choice....
Dragon Boat Festival[2016/4/21]
Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner! Excited and happying!The Dragon Boat Festival, A Chinese holiday is gaining worldwide popularity, It is also called Double Fifth Festival, is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth moon of the lunar calendar. At that day, people will eat sticky rice dumpling and dragon boat races.Dragon Boat race Traditions At the center of this festival are the dragon boat races. Competing teams drive their colorful dragon boats forward to the rhythm of beating drums.On the other hand, a very popular dish during the Dragon Boat festival is tzung tzu. This tasty dish consists of rice dumplings with meat, peanut, egg yolk, or other fillings wrapped in bamboo leaves.Bless dear friend a happy Dragon Boat Festival!...
This silicone bottles solved my travel problems![2016/4/21]
Love these silicone bottles! I have always been unhappy with my traditional travel bottles. They leak, can't get old product out of them, can't clean them, and many are just plain hard to squeeze stuff out of. I usually ended up tossing them out after using them and having to buy more for my next trip. When I first saw these silicone bottles I'm very happy, someone has solved all my problems. I use them for normal travel toiletries as well as olive oil, cough syrup, any liquid I need to take with me. I have yet to have any leakage and they are a dream to clean. The mouth is so wide it is easy to soap up and rinse. It has made traveling much less of a hassle. I love this silicone travel bottles!...
Enjoy Your Travel[2016/3/16]
Are you still troubled that you need to carry many bottles when you travel? Are you still troubled that your shampoo are not allowed to bring to airline? This travel toiletry bottles will fix all these problem. Come on! Take it with you and go travel!...
The things to take on a trip[2016/3/15]
When traveling, consider the kind of activities, weather and culture for items to include. Traveling light gives travelers the greatest flexibility, and advance planning reduces stress and mishaps. This travel shampoo bottle is lightweight and convenient, it's suitble for your trip....

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