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This silicone bottles solved my travel problems!

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Source:XZDClick:Date:2016/4/21 11:04:48

I Love these silicone bottles! I have always been unhappy with my traditional travel bottles. They leak, can't get old product out of them, can't clean them, and many are just plain hard to squeeze stuff out of. I usually ended up tossing them out after using them and having to buy more for my next trip. When I first saw these silicone bottles I'm very happy, someone has solved all my problems. I use them for normal travel toiletries as well as olive oil, cough syrup, any liquid I need to take with me. I have yet to have any leakage and they are a dream to clean. The mouth is so wide it is easy to soap up and rinse. It has made traveling much less of a hassle. I love this silicone travel bottles!


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